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Know Thy Data:

GB-Sys assists government agencies in getting a firm grasp on all of the data for which they are responsible. Our Subject Matter Experts look at all of your business processes and glean insights from potentially terabytes of data that clients have collected. We identify where raw data originates, how it flows into your organization, and all data transformations made to it along the way. We perform extract-transform-load (ETL) processes to obtain raw data and model it to fit operational needs. After data validation, the highly useful data is loaded to client target environments. As an example, GB-Sys Data Experts consolidated numerous databases and systems into a singular authoritative data warehouse for the Air Force Medical Service. These efforts gave confidence in the data being used to support clinical and decision support systems. We bring this same level of commitment to all of our clients!

We provide Data Encryption Services:
* Restricted Data Access based on user-defined requirements
* Securing Data at Rest
* Federal Certification & Accreditation (C&A) Compliance
* Cloud Encryption through Amazon Partnership

And Data Analytic Services
* Improved Decision Making
* Enhanced Patient Care
* Analyzing Data to improve Business Results
* Dynamic Reporting

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