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Software Engineering / Development for Government Agencies:

GB-Sys assists government agencies in the creation of robust decision support and clinical systems. Our Subject Matter Experts work with key stakeholders to determine requirements and create architectural models to ensure we deliver innovative solutions. Our approach is a combination of requirements driven and Agile Development methodologies. This ensures that we focus on deliverables and timelines (requirements) while retaining flexibility to make changes mid-project as needed or to innertwine new technologies at any stage of a project lifecycle (agile). We utlized this approach to successfully create enterprise-level applications for multiple government agencies, to include:

* U.S. Department of the Treasury
* The Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Patient Administration Systems and Biostatistics Activity
* Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Agency (AFISR)
* Air Force Medical Operating Agency (AFMOA)
* Air Force Patient Standards Branch
* Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center (WHASC)

We employ the following Software Engineering / Development Approaches / Methodologies using a variety of development tools and frameworks

* Agile, Waterfall, Protoyping, Iterative and Incremental, Spiral
* Rapid Development, Extreme Programming
* Software Development Lifecycle
* Data Driven

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